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the missing puzzle pieceWhen asked about the importance of identifying and treating stress, Dr. Erik Peper replied, “For more than 70% of patients who visit their primary physician with a physical complaint there are no physiological causes. In most cases, discomfort is aggravated or initiated by stress and living in a life pattern that is the does not allow regeneration. Most anti-anxiety, anti-depression and sleeping medications increase pathology and morbidity. Thus, self-regulation strategies offer much more long term benefits.”
Biofeedback can aid immensely with stress management by making the subjects aware of physiological process and states they otherwise wouldn’t be aware of. There is a surprising amount of information that we can learn from monitoring an individual’s heart rate, respiration, muscle tension, skin conductance and peripheral body temperature. Most clinicians that enter the field of biofeedback do so looking for new, effective treatment tools for their clients. In the section of the BFE’s website, we list a variety of material that introduces therapists, psychologists, nurse, doctors and trainers to biofeedback and how it can benefit the population they want to help.
If you are considering delving into the world of biofeedback for the first time, feel free to look at this webinar recording on how biofeedback benefits your clients and your practice.


The BFE offers a variety of educational content related stress management and introductions to biofeedback. We invite you to explore the different types of live online or recorded presentations. Below is a small selection of available content. For a more complete listing, click on Stress or click on Biofeedback for the listing in the BFE Shop associated to those key words.

Biofeedback Beginners’ Online Class: ideal for beginners, this class introduces the concepts of measuring psychophysiological indicators for stress profiles. Participants will see how temperature, respiration, skin conductance, muscle tension and hear rate signals vary as people are more or less stressed, along with learn what a good signal looks like and the general norms associated to each modality.

Biofeedback Strategies Online Class: understand the technical applications of biofeedback, but unsure on how to coach a clients to achieve change during a biofeedback training session? This class is definitely for you.

General Biofeedback Psychophysiological Assessment and Intervention Online Course: this 50 hour continuing education (CE) credit BCIA General Biofeedback Course is presented by Richard A. Sherman, PhD. This introductory level, home study, biofeedback training course is the equivalent content of a three credit college course and provides 50 hours of CE credit approved by the APA and NBCC.

HRV Training Online Class or HRV Training Online Class Recording: learn all about the latest heart rate variability theory and how to run a training session in this live, interactive online class or by watching the session recordings.

Mindfulness and Biofeedback Webinar Recording: in this 1-hour webinar, Dr. Inna Khazan introduced the concept of mindfulness, and outlines the applications of mindfulness-based skills, together with biofeedback, to various psychophysiological disorders.


The BFE offers several software packages that take into account different approaches to stress management. Feel free to click on any of the below links to learn more.

Biofeedback Basics Suite, by Erik Peper Ph.D

This introductory suite is excellent for professionals entering the field of biofeedback or as pedagogical tools for students. It was built specifically to be a companion to the Biofeedback Mastery book by Erik Peper, Ph.D., recently published by the Association of Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback (sold separately in the AAPB online shop). Together, the book and the suite teach basic skills derived from more than thirty years of biofeedback training and teaching experience.

Optimizing Performance and Health, by Dr. Vietta (Sue) Wilson

This software suite is for use with athletes, executives and other peak performers who want to enhance their performance. Stress management and recovery from stress also plays a significant part in this method that goes from initial intake and assessment all the way through to biofeedback and/or neurofeedback training. Clinical documents are provided by the creator, Dr. Wilson.

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