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Affiliate Program

The BFE Affiliate program is designed to help communities around the  world adding the best of biofeedback to their health and performance  goals. The program works through centers of excellence that provide  information, education and training on specific topics. From ADHD to  Prostate Cancer, from Aquatic Rehabilitation to Depression,  professionals will find something that applies to them.  Affiliates  learn by using the latest internet technology to link individuals and  couples, children and adults, work groups and sports teams. Helping  individuals connect with their own bodies and communities connect with  each other to improve health and performance.

Center of Excellence

A center BFE Center of Excellenceof excellence benefits from being able  to offer biofeedback education and training through events to gain  exposure and a higher profile in the community.  Centers receive  access to the BFE Education Portal for their professionals. They get  expert advices from local experts and regional instructors and  supervision and mentoring from world leaders in biofeedback.

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Local Expert

This diploBFE Local Expertma program is for professionals that want to improve their knowledge of biofeedback and increase their exposure and presence in their community. Registrants receive up to 8 hours of recorded online education and training in the topic of their choice and a specific biofeedback modality from the world’s leading practitioners. Then the expert gains exposure and a higher profile in their community through local or regional event, organized by the BFE.

What you benefit from:

  • access to recorded education (webinar, hands-on workshops, case conferences
  • receive discounts of up to 50% on products purchased in the shop for 12 months except for software

The affiliate will have to demonstrate competence by presenting an online webinar of about 30-minutes in length to colleagues and professionals in the same field. The affiliate will help guide the BFE team to reach out to a local audience to attend their chosen event. The diploma is valid for one year and must be renewed.

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Regional Instructor:

BFE Regional InstructorThis program is for biofeedback professionals that have equipment and want to instruct others on a specific topic in biofeedback, neurofeedback or electromyography. The program allows the instructor to expand their field of competence and increase their visibility both locally and via the internet.

  • Access to online recordings (webinars, hands-on classes, case conferences, etc.)
  • Other resources to get started towards BCIA certification
  • The opportunity to receive an honorarium to present online webinars
  • Learn from the most respected members of the biofeedback community
  • Keep up-to-date on the latest clinical practices, published research and online training
  • Receive complimentary attendance at online education and training events
  • Receive discounts of up to 50% on all products (except software)

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To stay in the program participants are required to be re-tested annually.