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BFE Annual Meeting – Meet the Presenters

We invite you to “Learn From the Best” at the BFE Meeting in Rome.

Dr. Steven Baskin  •  Annette Booiman, PT  • Dr. Richard Gevirtz

Dr. Diana Martinez (with Dr. J. Leon Morales-Quezada)

Antonio Martins-Mourao, Chartered Clin. Psych., PhD • Ralf Nickel • Lothar Niepoth, Dipl. Psych. • Dr. Erik Peper

Piotr Sobaniec • Dr. Paul G. Swingle  • Drs. Linda and Michael Thompson • Dr. Lindsay Thornton

Edna Tune, B.Sc., MA (with Dan Tune, BA) • Linda Walker, MHR, LPC, BCIA-EEG

Ralph Warnke, Dr. Christel Kannegießer-Leitner • Dr. Penny Werthner

View presenter bios and workshop abstracts here.

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