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BFE Visits New Pelvic Floor Center in Harbin, China

The New Pelvic Floor Center at Fourth Hospital of Harbin Medical University enjoys its first year of success.

Harbin is the capital and largest city of Heilongjiang province in the northeastern region of the People’s Republic of China.  On Tuesday, June 6th, Mr. Minghui Wu from Vishee Medical and Mr. Mark Schwartz, program director of the Biofeedback Federation CIC presented lectures at the Fourth Hospital of Harbin Medical University.

The hospital uses equipment manufactured by Thought Technology of Montréal, Canada in its pelvic floor center. Mr. Schwartz presented on the federation’s 3-year plan from 2017-2020 and Mr Minghui Wu presented on the federation’s “Learn from the Best” program.  The hospital opened its pelvic floor center just over a year ago and has already seen a rapid increase in use.

Mr. Schwartz and Mr. Wu in Harbin

Mr. Schwartz and Mr. Wu in Harbin

Vice President Xu Wanhai, MD, Ph.D Professor and Urology Director presented on pelvic floor rehabilitation and incontinence. Dr. Wu noted that incontinence issues are also important for men. The lectures were attended by over 50 doctors from the Harbin and the surrounding region.

Dr. Xu Wanhai - Harbin Hospital

Dr. Xu Wanhai – Harbin Hospital

The BFE is wishes the Fourth Hospital at Harbin University continued success with their Pelvic Floor Center!

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